This is the home of Rorohiko’s Crawler system. Extensive info can be found here:

If you’re just looking for our free EPUB zip/unzipper, visit the eCanCrusher page.

Crawler.ID2MD, the first Crawler-based application will be released soon – more info available here:
Crawler is a generic document processor software, which can be used for document conversion, as well as reporting and statistics.

Crawler is work-in-progress. The first release will work with Adobe InDesign CS5 and upward as the source format. Future versions will support additional source formats.

Crawler is designed to make adding target formats straightforward. Currently the following targets are already supported:

– Text
– Basic reporting
– Markdown

Targets to become available soon:


To find out more about Crawler, visit the Wiki:

Please send expressions of interest, with a short description of what you would like to use Crawler for, to: [email protected]. We’ll probably run a very limited, select beta program in 2014.