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The DocumentGranule class is derived from the Granule class.

It has a class identifier of com.rorohiko.granule.document.

The following methods are provided:

  • documentGranule.getAppContext(): get the current application context for this document granule. In the first version of Crawler, this is a single global context, shared by the whole Crawler session, but in the future, Crawler might support multiple concurrent applications during a single conversion session, in which case the appContext can vary between document granules.
  • documentGranule.getDocumentGranule(): returns the 'owning document' for this granule. Because the DocumentGranule represents the document it is kind of a do-nothing: it returns the granule itself. This same method is available for all document-derived granules, and it is available here too for reasons of symmetry: if you have a document-derived granule, calling getDocumentGranule() will give you the 'owning document'.
  • documentGranule.getFile(): returns the associated file on disk (if any).
  • documentGranule.isValid(): verifies whether the granule is still valid. In some cases, processing affects the validity of the document granule; if the document granule refers to an underlying document data that's become invalid, this method will reflect that. In that case the granule will need to be dropped, and a new granule constructed to 'wrap' the replacement document.