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First, we'll build a very simple personality, and we'll gradually extend it.

The basis of nearly all document conversion personalities is the ViewExporter adapter.

The ViewExporter combines two 'main' adapters: a disassembler (which breaks a document granule into smaller granules) and an assembler (which takes the granules coming out of the disassembler, and builds the desired end-result).

The disassembler is part of the default Crawler setup. When running Crawler, it'll ask the currently active application to provide it with a disassembler, and it will use that disassembler in the ViewExporter.

The disassembler is configured through the configuration files.

First, we'll enhance the top-level configuration file so it knows about the new personality we're going to build.

Let's call the personality 'tutorial'.

Change the config.ini so it looks similar to this (I've omitted the comments for brevity):


selectors = tutorial


personalityConfig?tutorial = "./Personalities/Tutorial/config.ini"
personalityConfig?text = "./Personalities/Text/config.ini"

# ********************************************************************************


debugMonitoring = true
monitorAdapters = inputSplitter

logLevel = 5